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 Pride of India in Glenelg - order online from eatnow  

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Veg :

Vegetable Samosa (NF) ( 2 pieces)
Triangular pastries filled with spiced potatoes and peas, subtly flavoured with spices  
2 Paneer Pakora (GF,NF) ( 4 pieces) $6.50
Chunky pieces of Cottage cheese seasoned, dipped in besan flour batter and deep fried
3 Onion Bhaji (GF,NF,DF) $6.50
Onion sliced and dipped in batter and deep fried
4 Gobi Pakora (GF,NF,DF) $6.50
Chunky pieces of Cauliflower marinated in Indian spices, dipped in flour and deep fried
5 Veg Platter for 2 (2Pieces each) $13.00
Veg Samosa ,Paneer Pakora , Gobi Pakora & a portion of Onion Bhajia

Non-Veg :

Beef Samosa (NF,DF) ( 2 pieces)
Triangular pastries filled with spiced beef and peas, subtly flavoured with spices
Chicken Tikka (GF,NF,DF) ( 4 pieces)
Tender boneless chicken pieces marinated in spices and yogurt ,cooked in Tandoor
Seekh Kebab (GF,NF,DF) ( 4 pieces)
Minced Lamb mixed with exotic spices ,pressed on skewer and finished in Tandoor
Beef Kebab(GF,NF,DF) ( 4 pieces)
Minced beef mixed with exotic spices ,pressed on skewer and finished in Tandoor
Prawns Tandoori (GF,NF,DF) ( 4 pieces)
Prawns marinated in spices and cooked in Tandoor
Fish Pakora (GF,NF,DF) ( 4 pieces)
Fish fillets dipped in batter and deep fried
Mixed Platter for 2 (2 Pieces each)
Veg Samosa ,Paneer Pakora,Chicken Tikka & Seekh Kebab
Sea Food Platter (NF,DF) (3 Pieces each)
Fish fillets, Squid Tubes & Prawns dipped in batter & deep fried
Tandoori Main Courses (GF,NF,DF)
a. Chicken Tikka (8 pieces )
b. French Lamb Cutlets ( 5 pieces )
c.Tandoori Prawns ( 8 pieces)
Tandoori Chicken (GF,NF,DF)
Half - 2 Pieces
Full - 4 Pieces

Mains(From our curry pots) Back to Top

Beef :

Beef Vindaloo (Hot)- (GF,NF,DF)
  Marinated beef cooked in chillies ,herbs and spices Goan style.  
2 Beef Bhuna Masala (Medium )- (GF,NF,DF) $15.50
  Diced beef cooked with onion ,tomato,capsicum,ginger and green chillies  
3 Beef Madras (Medium)- (GF,NF,DF) $15.50
  Beef cooked South Indian style with coconut milk  
4 Beef Korma (Mild)-(GF) $15.50
  Beef cooked with onion,ginger,garlic,spices & cashewnuts  
5 Beef Jalfrezi(Medium)- (GF,NF,DF) $15.50
  Flavorsome dish of marinated pieces of Beef along with Vegetables & cooked in a thick sauce  

Lamb :

Saag Gosht (Medium) (GF,NF,DF)
  Diced lamb cooked with pureed spinach,herbs and spices  
2 Rogan Josh (Medium) (GF,NF,DF) $16.50
  Diced lamb cooked Traditionally north Indian style in thick onion gravy  
3 Lamb Korma(Mild)-(GF) $16.50
  Lamb cooked with onion,ginger,garlic,spices & cashewnuts  
4 Lamb Nawabi (Mild to Medium) (GF,NF) $16.50
  Diced lamb cooked with onion ,tomato & cream  

Chicken :

Butter Chicken (Mild)-(GF)
  Boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken cooked in creamy tomato sauce  
2 Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium)-(GF) $15.50
  Tandoori chicken tikkas cooked with onion ,capsicum, tomatoes ,herbs and spices  
3 Chicken Vindaloo (Hot)-(GF,NF,DF) $15.50
  Boneless chicken cooked with chillies ,herbs and spices Goan style  
4 Chicken Korma(Mild)-(GF) $15.50
  Chicken cooked with onion,ginger,garlic,spices & cashewnuts  
5 Saag Chicken (Medium)-(GF,NF,DF) $15.50
  Diced chicken cooked with pureed spinach , herbs and spices  
6 Kadai Chicken (Medium)-(GF,DF) $15.50
  Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with fresh vegetables ,ginger ,green chillies and simmered in kadai sauce  
7 Mango Chicken(Mild)-(GF) $15.50
  Slices of flour-dusted chicken pan -fried & simmered in a tangy mango sauce  

Seafood :

Bombay Fish Curry(Medium)-(GF,NF,DF)
  Fish fillets marinated in Indian spices and sautéed with ginger, garlic, onion & tomatoes simmered in masala sauce  
2 Goan Fish Curry (Medium)-(GF,NF,DF)
  Fish fillets cooked in coconut milk ,flavoured with mustard seed and curry leaves  
3 Prawn Malabari (Medium)-(GF,NF,DF) $17.00
  Prawns cooked with onion ,capsicum, tomatoes & coconut milk  
4 Prawn Basil Curry (Medium)-(GF,NF,DF) $17.00
  Prawns cooked with hot spices and coconut cream along with basil leaves  
5 Hot Malayalee Prawns (Medium to Hot )-(GF,NF,DF) $17.00
  Prawns simmered with curry leaves ,black pepper ,chillies ,ginger and tamarind sauce  
6 Butter Squid (Mild to Medium)-(GF,NF,DF) $16.00
  Tender pieces of squid cooked and finished in a creamy tomato sauce  

From The Vegetable Garden: Back to Top

Saag Paneer (Medium)-(GF,NF)
  Home made cottage cheese sautéed with English spinach ,herbs and spinach  
2 Malai Kofta (Medium)-(GF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Mashed Potatoes and cottage cheese balls served in spicy creamy sauce  
3 Mixed Vegetable Curry (Medium)-(GF,DF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Garden fresh vegetables cooked with a blend of herbs and spices  
4 Paneer Tikka Masala (mild to medium)--(GF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Cottage cheese cooked with onion ,ginger, tomatoes and masala sauce  
5 Dal Tadka (Medium)-(GF,NF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Yellow lentils cooked in Indian spices and seasoned with mustard, cumin & coriander  
6 Aloo Dhingri Mattar (medium)-(GF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Mushroom,peas,potatoes cooked with a blend of herbs& spices  
7 Chana Masala (Mild to Medium )-(GF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Chic peas cooked with ginger ,tomatoes ,onion ,herbs & Spices  
8 Dal Makhani (Mild to Medium )-(GF,NF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  Black lentils and red kidney beans cooked with onion & tomatoes  
9 Aloo Eggplant (Medium)-(GF,NF) Entr'ee-$8.50 Main-$11.00
  A perfect combination of potatoes and eggplants  

Bread from the Tandoor Back to Top

Plain Naan (NF)
  Plain flour bread garnished with butter  
2 Garlic Naan (NF) $3.50
  Naan buttered and garnished with garlic  
3 Peshawari Naan $3.90
  Plain flour bread with fruits and nuts  
4 Kheema Naan (NF) $3.90
  Naan stuffed with spiced lamb mince  
5 Chicken Naan (NF) $4.50
  Naan stuffed with spiced chicken mince  
6 Cheese Naan (NF) $3.90
  Naan filled with cheese  
7 Roti (NF) $2.50
  Wholemeal bread buttered and roasted in tandoor  

Others Back To Top

Veg Paratha (NF)
  Wholemeal bread stuffed with spices potatoes and peas  
2 Bhatura (NF) $3.50
  Plain flour bread deep fried  

Side Dishes Back to Top

Sweet Mango chutney (DF)
2 Chutney( Mint or Tamarind)(GF,NF) $3.00
3 Pappadams 4 pcs (Crispy wafers )(NF,DF) $3.00
4 Pickles(DF) $3.00
5 Cucumber and Yoghurt Raita (large)-(GF,NF) $3.50
6 Cucumber and Yoghurt Raita (small)-(GF,NF) $2.50
7 Side dish platter (A mixture of all the above side dishes ) $8.00

Salads Back to Top

Tomato and Onion Kachumber (large)-(GF,NF,DF)
2 Tomato and Onion Kachumber (small)-(GF,NF,DF) $2.50
3 Garden Salad-(GF,NF,DF) $5.50
  Perfect choice for green veggie lovers  

Rice Back to Top

Plain Rice (GF,NF,DF)
  Boiled and steamed Basmati rice  
2 Vegetable Biryani (GF) $9.50
  Rice cooked with fresh vegetables ,dry fruit (sultana)and nut(sliced almond )  
3 Jeera Rice $6.50
  Basmati rice sautéed with ,cumin and onions  

Pride of India- Royal Banquet (Min 2 persons) Back to Top


Banquet for Non Vegetarians (Per Head)

Entrée - Mixed Platter for 2
Butter Chicken(E),Goan Fish Curry(E), Beef Madras(E), Mixed Vegetable Curry(E)
All food will be served with side dish platter, rice & choice of any 2 breads
2 Banquet for Vegetarians (Per Head) $29.90
  Entrée - Mixed Platter for 2-Veg  
  Saag Paneer(E), Dal Tadka(E), Mixed Vegetable Curry(E), Aloo Dhingri Mattar(E)  
  All food will be served with side dish platter, rice & choice of any 2 breads  

Pride of India - Combo Deal Back to Top

Pride of India - Combo Deal (Per Head)
  Any two mains of your choice, entrée size with a serve of rice  
  Choice of your bread & a drink( Glass of House Wine/ a Can of Soft Drink/ Bottle of Beer)  

Desserts Back to Top

Gulab Jamun(NF)
  Cottage Cheese dumplings served in sugar syrup, hot or cold  
2 Kulfi $6.00
  Creamy,Denser Frozen dairy dessert - House Special  
3 Ice Cream Flavours $4.00
* Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions *

Wine List Back to Top


Sparkling Wines

1 Jacob's Creek TRILOGY Cuvee Brut $26.00
2 Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir $23.00
3 Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rose $21.00
4 Wolf Blass RED LABEL Chardonnay Pinot Noir PREMIUM CUVEE $24.00
White Wines
1 Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc Malborough $28.00
2 Hardy's Siegersdorf Riesling $21.00
3 Primo Estate La Biondina Colombard Adelaide Plains $26.00
4 Rosemount Semillon Chardonnay Rosemount Estate Australia $24.00
5 FOUR SiSTERS Sauvignon Blanc Central Victoria $28.00
6 Jacobs Creek Reisling $21.00
7 Jacob's Creek Chardonnay $24.00
8 POET'S CORNER unwooded Chardonnay $21.00
Red Wines
1 ReD kNOt by shingleback SHIRAZ Mc Laren Vale $28.00
2 Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet $24.00
3 Richmond Grove Black Cat Shiraz Barossa Valley $24.00
4 Jim Barry Cabernet Shiraz Clare $24.00
5 Gramp's Cabernet Merlot Barossa Valley $27.00
6 Wyndham Estate BIN 444 Cabernet Sauvignon Hunter Valley $25.00
7 Peter Lehmann Shiraz Grenache Barossa Valley $24.00
Small Bottle Wines ( 187 ml -200 ml)
1 Jacob's Creek Chardonnay-White $7.50
2 Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet-Red $7.50
3 Jacob's Creek Sparkling Rose $7.50
4 Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir $7.50
House Wines
1 Dry White ,Fruity White or Dry Red Glass $5.00
2 Half Carafe $8.00
3 Full Carafe (1 litre) $12.00

Soft Drinks Back to Top

Coke,Diet Coke,Coke Zero,Fanta,Lift,Sprite
2 Mount Franklin Spring Water $3.00
3 Sparkling Natural Mineral Water $3.00
4 Soda Water ,Tonic Water ,Dry Ginger Ale $3.00
5 Deep Spring Natural Mineral Water $3.00
6 Orange Juice,Apple Juice $3.00
7 Lemon Lime & Bitters $4.00
8 Mango Lassi $4.00
9 Ice Tea Flavours $4.00


Open for Dinner 7 nights from 5:30 pm to 10.00 pm (All prices are inclusive of GST )
All prices are inclusive of GST
BYO Wine : $ 2 per person / $5 Per Bottle
GF=Gluten free,NF=Nut Free,DF=Dairy Free
Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions

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